The credit for a supple and smooth body goes not only to exercise and a healthy diet, but also to a proper care. We will suggest you how to take care of your body in order to have moisturized skin with no signs of stretch marks and cellulite.

Beautiful and smooth skin

Beautiful bust, neck and legs… Is this only a dream? You may fulfil it in several weeks and enjoy smooth skin. We have prepared some pieces of advice which will help you achieve long-awaited results.

Peeling may work wonders…

Peeling is a body care treatment which may be easily carried out at home. This type of treatment appears to be very beneficial to the form of skin by improving its look and standardizing colours. The way in which this cleansing method works is the secret of its favourable properties.
You usually do not realize that despite the fact that you are an adult, your skin is still growing. Dead cells which remain on the surface of your skin may be now easier removed with care treatments.

A variety of peelings

Due to the structure of human skin peelings may be divided into three main groups, namely deep peelings, average-deep peelings and surface peelings. As far as the first two types are concerned, you need to pay a visit to an expert. In case of the third one you may carry out surface peelings on your own.
In shops, you may find a whole range of surface peelings. Besides, you may also easily create a home-made mask which has similar properties. Considering an effect which those peelings have on the skin, several types of treatments may be named, namely
the enzymatic, peel-off and scrub ones. As the name suggests, enzymatic peeling deals with enzymes which remove dead epidermis in a chemical manner. After a quarter of an hour
or so, peel-off masks turn into a dry membrane which may be easily torn off. On the other hand, scrub peeling is a specific which consists of such grains as algae, sea salt or fruit stones and the epidermis is removed due to friction.

Safe application

It appears that using peeling treatment on your own should not cause too much difficulty. However, it seems worth complying with several tips before you decide to use a given cosmetic.
Do not ignore the intended use of a product as labelled by a manufacturer. Under no circumstances should you apply foot peeling to your face. Bear in mind that your skin has different thickness and resistance in different parts of your body. If you apply peeling to a wrong part, you may considerably irritate your skin or you will not achieve any results.

If you use cosmetics which are comprised of grains, you should not rub your skin too intensely. Pressing your hands too much will result in chafes and irritations. As in the case of all masks, you should not apply peeling to a sensitive area of your body, e.g. eyes or lips.
After you have cleansed your skin, make sure that it is properly moisturized. You may use special masks, creams or lotion.

How to take care of neck and shoulders?

Your skin in the neck and shoulders area is extremely thin and sensitive, which is why this part of your body grows old faster than a face. However, you tend to forget about this during your daily care, whereas you only need to change several habits in order to make your neck and shoulders look better and prevent your body from developing wrinkles too early.
The skin on a neck and shoulders is very thin because not only does it have few collagen and elastine fibres, but also it is almost completely devoid of fats, therefore, it dehydrates and goes slack fast. Due to a small number of oil glands, your skin is not adequately greased which is why it becomes dry and rough pretty fast. Moreover, applying perfume containing alcohol makes your skin extra dry and irritated.
Besides, getting some sun will also contribute to developing freckles, spots, spidery patterns and wrinkles on your shoulders. In addition, consider your improper posture during sleep to realize how much damage you do to your neck and shoulders. It is high time you took care of those parts of your body. You only need to spend several extra minutes on taking care of those regions in order to notice a difference after several weeks.

Firm bust

Breasts are mainly built of fat tissue. They do not have an internal support in a form of muscles or bones, therefore, your bust is particularly exposed to losing its firmness quite early, especially if you realize that its deformation occurs not only due to anatomical factors. If your breasts go slack, you are usually the one to blame for this. Your bust does not benefit from your bad habits such as stooping or sleeping on your stomach. Draconian slimming diets and an improper care of your body, for instance hot baths and irregular application of conditioning lotion, are also harmful.

What can you do?

In order to keep your breasts fit, massage them for several minutes while taking a shower. Pour cold and hot water over them by turns, from the bottom to the top and all around them. After each bath, make sure that you rub moisturizing and conditioning lotion into your bust. Cosmetics which contain extracts from algae and ginkgo bark are highly suggested as they speed up the regeneration of cells and help retain the proper moistness of your skin. It is also recommended to use cosmetics which are comprised of elastine and collagen (Colway natural collagen) because they improve the springiness of your skin supported by protein fibres. What is more, do not forget to apply a mask of algae or sea mud on your breasts.

Neat thighs and buttocks

You spend the most of your day in a sitting position, which is unfavourably reflected in your figure. The lack of exercise contributes to accumulating fat and makes your muscles go flabby. Not only does this result in some extra weight, but also makes your skin on thighs look unpretty.

What can you do?

If your skin is not very flexible and dry, apply conditioning and moisturizing lotion to it. You may also use creams to improve skin texture. However, the skin on which the first signs of cellulite may be spotted requires a bit different care. In this case, you will need cosmetics which improve the circulation of blood and support the burning of fat cells. If patted into your skin regularly, those cosmetics will contribute to removing fatty lumps and channelling the excess of liquid and toxins out of your system. In this way, your skin will be firmer and smoother. What is more, anti-cellulite preparations also enjoy one extra benefit, namely they will help you slim down your body.

Moisturize your skin

If you are exposed to temperature changes by, for example, staying in the sun for too long or getting suddenly chilly, your skin is bound to become dry. Taking care of your body improperly, using a bad choice of cosmetics and wearing clothes made of plastic will irritate your sensitive epidermis, hence it will peel off and even become calloused.
You can prevent this from happening by taking care of your skin properly.

Do not bathe too much

A fifteen-minute bath in temperature not higher than 37 degrees Celsius will be the best for you. Lying in chlorinated and hard water for too long will excessively dry your sensitive skin. On the other hand, bathing in too hot water will destroy your protective hydrolipidic layer of epidermis. Use a sponge and a kind soap or a shower gel to wash yourself. Do not forget to pat lotion into your body after each bath. What is more, choose a fat preparation which contains vitamins A and E to restore the flexibility and a nice look of your skin. Once in two weeks, remove your peeling off epidermis with a peeling cosmetic.

Counteracting spidery patterns

Numerous women are affected by so-called spidery patterns, which are reflected in the net of red veins developing on legs due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the use of contraceptives, a sedentary job or an inborn fragility of blood vessels. We prepared several pieces of advice for you.

Make sure your blood circulates correctly

When you sit, avoid crossing your legs to prevent your veins from being chafed. When you sleep, put a small pillow under your legs so that they are a little bit higher than the rest of your trunk. Do not wear too tight-fitting trousers, shoes pressing your ankles or knee socks with
a strong elastic. Special stockings and support tights which are sold with the equally nice designs and colours as standard stockings and tights are also highly recommended.

Toning up your stomach

An improper diet and a lack of exercise are named as your greatest enemies. Therefore, you should draw attention to what you consume and spend several minutes a day doing some physical exercises. In this way, your stomach will surely regain its nice form.

Eat healthy and in no hurry

Stop consuming carbonated drinks, especially after you have eaten raw fruits or vegetables since they have an adverse effect on your digestion by leading to the accumulation of gases in intestines, which results in flatulence.

  • Eat less salt since it retains water in your body, which makes you feel like an inflated balloon.
  • Sit while consuming your meal. Try to eat slowly and calmly as well as make sure that you chew each bite very carefully.
  • Do not consume fatty chips and hamburgers.
  • Add those products which contain living bacteria cultures to your menu since they regulate digesting in an excellent way. These types of bacteria may be found in yoghurts or cheese.

Strengthen your muscles with exercise

This is not difficult. You only need to remember to pull in your stomach on an everyday basis. Do this as frequently as possible to strengthen your muscles and restore their springiness. In addition, do some physical exercises in the morning and in the evening. Each exercise should be repeated 10-15 times.