All cosmetics and nutricosmetics produced by Co and distributed by Colway have the most important health certificates and documentation of tests done in independent laboratories. Natural Collagen – health certificates Collagen products meet very strict regulatory requirements in many countries, including Canada, Germany and the USA. The product has undergone clinical tests in several countries at the same time. After a few months the researchers revealed that it does not cause allergy and does not result in any side effects. Besides, a fish-based collagen appeared to interact perfectly in a human body.

Natural Collagen in a unique formula Q5-26 has been assessed as revolutionary, effective and safe by experts of medicine and other researchers as well as by a few groups of people chosen to take part in tests. Natural Collagen has been acknowledged as groundbreaking because of the ability to cause an increase of skin tissue in the place where it has wrinkled and with regard to its rejuvenation properties.

Natural Collagen is a so called cosmeceutical i. e. a cosmetic which has some pharmaceutical effects. Cosmeceuticals are applied on skin and contain some ingredients that have positive impact on biological function of the tissue. Our aim is to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Below you will find the most important certifications confirming that our products are safe and functional.

Certificate - Collagen Platinum Certificate - Collagen Graphite
Certificate – Collagen Platinum Certificate – Collagen Silver Certificate – Collagen Graphite
 Kosher Certificate  Hollert Laboratory Certificate Germany  Certificate Health Canada
Kosher Certificate Hollert Laboratory Certificate Germany Certificate Health Canada
Certificate Russia FDA Certificate FDA Certificate
Certificate Russia  FDA Certificate VCRP-2511  FDA Certificate VCRP-2512
Material Safety Data Sheet Natural Collagen
Material Safety Data Sheet Natural Collagen
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