What is cellulite?

Cellulite is not an illness, but a beauty ailment. This is an uneven arrangement of an adipose tissue which forms gibbous clods on the skin. Apparently, it is difficult to find a woman without a cellulite and 80% of female residents of developed countries have it. It is a specific civilization ailment, connected to a bad diet, obesity and lack of physical exercise.

How to tell a difference between ordinary fat and a so-called cottage cheese skin?

This is visible to the naked eye. Fatty tissue is smooth and there are no swells on the skin. In the case of cellulite, fat depots are overgrown with fibrillating connective tissue, which produces an effect of folding.

In other words, this process is not completely neutral to health. Can this turn into an illness?

No. Obesity which creates favourable conditions for the development of cellulite is mainly considered in terms of a disease. Cellulitis appears to be a very serious disorder, however, it is frequently mistaken for an orange peel syndrome due to the similarity in names. Cellulitis is an inflammatory condition which develops in subcutaneous tissues and requires a pharmacological treatment with antibiotics. A bad skin is heavily reddened, swollen, hot to the touch and very sore. Cosmetic treatments are of no use here; only a doctor can help.

What are the reasons for developing cellulite?

Genes are the most important because they decide how much fat is accumulated in cells. We are born with the specific number of fat cells, namely adipocytes. We do not produce more of them as the time passes by; our fat cells become filled with unnecessary fat which serves as storage body fat when we consume more calories than we burn. However, each of us gains weight differently. Scientists have recently reached a conclusion that genes also decide whether our fat cells have fewer or more receptors which bind fat. To put it differently, whether we store more fat in our bodies or whether we get rid of it depends entirely on genes. However, slim girls are also affected by cellulite. This is because this phenomenon is more complex than only gaining weight. What is more, sex hormones greatly contribute to this issue, too. Therefore, cellulite is usually developed during hormonal turbulence, namely in the period of pregnancy, adolescence and even menopause. Hormonal contraception is also named as one of important factors as far as this disorder is concerned. This particular time when a maturing girl changes her figure to a more feminine one appears to be a precarious moment. However, this metamorphosis is needed; only gaining weight should be monitored.

Cellulite versus collagen in a human body

In the process of increasingly weaker exchange of collagen in the organism which starts when we are about 25 years old, connective tissue loses its flexibility and firmness. This leads to developing an orange peel syndrome in women, which is a very inconvenient condition. When collagen is lost, the proper excretion of toxins from cells to lymphatic system is upset. This leads to the accumulation of those toxins in fat pockets, which also contributes cellulite development.

Cellulite prevention and treatment with natural collagen

Due to its unique properties, natural collagen – Colway – supplements collagen deficiency in the skin and restores its healthy look. Skin flexibility and firmness are significantly improved at the very foundations owing to transdermal molecules of natural albumen which permeates through the skin.
Given the fact that we are now able to provide our organisms with natural collagen exactly at the locations where a disorder has been developed, the struggle against cellulite became much more efficient. An adequate dose of albumen in the skin will result in its proper form to counteract and treat cellulite.
Domestic collagen therapy will also strengthen the cells of blood vessels to a great extent because they – similarly to connective tissue – are mainly made of albumen whose primary element is constituted by collagen. The stimulation of blood vessels to improve the transport of blood will significantly decrease the accumulation of collagen fibres in fat tissue. This will also prevent the very first calluses and small bumps from developing.

The application of massage with using Silver collagen to battle against cellulite

Isometric massage coupled with connective tissue and classical massage techniques appears to be the most efficient way to battle against cellulite. This type of treatment is offered in numerous beauty parlours and massage therapist’s establishments. The very slimming massage is believed to be a perfect way to model the body, while – in connection with collagen and its ability to provide suitable parts of the organism with albumen – this type of massage gives spectacular effects.

By applying massage in domestic conditions, surprising effects may also be achieved. We only need to prepare the skin, namely massage all places affected by cellulite, pat natural collagen – Colway – into the skin and wait for 10 minutes. You may also cover your body with a wrap in order to improve absorbing. The rest of collagen which has not been absorbed may be patted by using massage oil. Bear in mind that the oil cannot contain retinols, zincs, ceramides or vitamin C.

SILVER natural collagen may also be applied without massaging. You only need your skin to be clean and wet with water a bit. Water will facilitate the absorbing of preparation into deep skin and will prevent the preparation from its folding on the skin. You have to apply the thinnest possible layer of gel.

Regularity is the most important issue as far as all applications are concerned. Massage may be given from 5 to 10 times a week, while the application without massaging may be performed twice a day.

What is the role of exercise?

Exercise is essential if we wish to have a nice body. By exercising, we mean a regular activity at least twice a week. The lack of exercise and sedentary work are named as usual reasons for developing the so-called pseudocellulite. If this is the case, irregularities on the skin occur at the bottom of buttocks. However, this is not cellulite. It is the effect of drop in the tension of gluteus muscles, thus the change of their shape. In this case, we only need to do some exercises and everything be back to normal. As far as real cellulite is concerned, exercising works both ways; not only does it speed up burning calories, but also it improves subcutaneous circulation of blood.

What is the connection between circulation and cellulite?

As was already mentioned, cellulite is fat which is overgrown with connective tissue. Cellulite impairs the circulation of blood and lymph in the attacked tissue. The circulation in these locations is poor which is why they are provided with less oxygen. Therefore, fat is not burned, and both water and toxins are accumulated.

Apparently, the accumulation of water is also of great importance?

It depends on the type of cellulite. We may distinguish between “water” and “fat” cellulite. The first type may be identified by the swelling of ankle bones of legs and knees. In this case, we should avoid wearing high heels and try to lie with our legs up as frequently as possible. Lymphatic massage will definitely relieve the symptoms of this condition. As far as “fat” cellulite is concerned, it is highly recommended to be given massage which relaxes connective tissue, hence improving the circulation in general.

Is it possible to get rid of cellulite completely, and once and for all?

No, as cellulite will rather stay. However, we may definitely improve our bodies and the quality of our skin. Due to treatments and SILVER natural collagen, we may significantly tone up and smooth even out our skin. What is more, our body will become optically slimmer. However, bear in mind that beauty treatments may help model the body, but they will not make us slimmer.