As we all know, human beings differ greatly in appearance from other primate mammals. We owe the smoothness of our skin to the 70 % participation of natural collagen and 3% participation of elastine. Monkeys cannot distinguish young individuals from the old ones by the appearance of their faces. We, as human beings, can. One of the determining factors is the level of wrinkles on the skin which is caused by the shortage of the above-mentioned proteins.

We also have our peculiar criterion of beauty which is the smoothness of the face. As excavations prove, human beings wished to improve their appearance as early as In the Ice Age.The beginning of cosmetology may be found in antiquity in the reports of historians about Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, mostly from the epoch of the declining Roman Empire. Nevertheless, it properly began in the 1930s in Germany where, with participation of the Polish scientists from Poznan, the first substance penetrating five layers of the epidermis to the cells of the deep skin – eucerit (which is the base of NIVEA cream) – was invented. In the fascist propaganda it was claimed to be a youth elixir. For almost 150 years since the life imprisonment of the count Alessandro Cagliostro nobody had had enough courage to announce such news. After all, this famous alchemist departed from his life in the tower because his potion, sold for pouches of gold at the royal courts did not work…

The cosmetics merry-go-round was twisted again in the second half of the 20th Century, by new cosmetic advertisements whose impudence knew no bounds. We hear of a youth potion approximate every three years. Lanoline, glycerin, liposomes, antioxidants, vitamins A, E and C, beta carotenes, fruit, lipone and hyaluronate acids, ceramids, algae, aloe, ginkgo biloba, sea weeds. layers of pre-ocean, energizing molecules, fish oil, hundreds of herbs, co-enzyme Q-10, ionopheresis, cryotherapy. specialised massages, living water, imedeen, retinol, zinc compounds, Dead Sea mud, and hundreds of versions of various panacea have been sold for bigger and bigger money as a means to rejuvenate.

There are some eye creams at the price of over one thousand dollars per ounce. All the above-mentioned products fight with the effects of wrinkles. Do they really work? Yes, they do. The best of them – if used regularly can stop and delay the visible ageing of skin for a couple of years, damaging our budget at the same time. Is there any cream that reverses the process of skin ageing and objectively reduces the existing wrinkles? No, there is no such cream. Such a cream has not yet been invented just as nobody has invented the cure for obesity nor the ointment for hair restoration.

Such inventions occur once every 50 years and they always take careful aim at the causes, not at the effects. Such an invention is for example an active substance on the base of which the Pfizer company manufactures Viagra and Cialis. Yet precisely this kind of invention is the Polish collagen from fresh water fish – biologically active due to retaining the triple helix. It has been produced by Inventia Polish Technologies for a short time. It cannot be perceived strictly as a cosmetic as it is only the four-component emulsifier of the living protein, osmotic water, essential oils and milk acid. It is the breakthrough in the world’s cosmetology and it has its beginning in Poland! It fights with the cause, not with the effects.The cause of skin ageing is the shortage of collagen.

Firstly, Natural Collagen fills this shortage in, secondly it stimulates thecells whose senile laziness is responsible for inhibiting the production of collagen for regeneration. This Polish preparation restores fibroblasts and chondrocytes to their former state of activeness, one which they have „forgotten” for years. This Polish sensational invention is not an ideal product. It requires certain level of discipline from the manutacturer, shipper, wholesaler, distributor and the end user.

This preparation cannot be exposed to temperatures above 26 centigrade longer than for a couple of hours and to the temperatures above 35 centigrade for longer that one hour. It should be applied on a well-washed skin. It should not be applied together with cosmetics whose pH is < 3 and > 9 as well as those which contain zinc. The minimum time between application of collagen and application of the above-mentioned cosmetics should be about fifteen minutes. Despite some difficulties in transporting, storing and using this product, Natural Collagen is making a new epoch in the cosmetology world-wide!