The appearance of wrinkles is usually only a matter of time. Some people have them earlier, some later, but nobody can avoid them. One of the ways to delay appearance and to reduce a number of wrinkles is a proper diet and an appropriate face and the body treatment. As our body grows old, our skin becomes less flexible, often too dry. The loss of collagen that influences positively the skin flexibility, results in wrinkles appearance.

The reasons of wrinkles appearance

  • Too much sunbathing
  • Too much solarium
  • Uncontrolled facial expressions
  • Dehydration
  • Environmental factors
  • Improper diet
  • Inappropriate skin care

Wrinkles may be divided into those which arise because of facial muscles crumps, e.g. crow’s feet, and wrinkles on the forehead as well as so called ageing wrinkles that often appear in nose and mouth area.

Collagen helps to get rid of wrinkles effectively

First wrinkles, that is lines and skin deformations, appear at the age 25 to 30. First the lines in the nose, forehead and eyes area are visible. First wrinkles are called mimic as they arise as the result of facial expressions. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our skin is less and less flexible and elastic, so there are more and more wrinkles on our faces.
Is it possible to get rid of wrinkles? If you do not believe in the efficiency of advertised anti-wrinkle products and a thought of a scalpel makes your flesh creep, you should use collagen. Learn more about its properties and overcome the problem of wrinkles!

What is collagen?

Collagen is the albumen of the connective tissue. Together with elastines and keratins it ensures a proper skin tension as well as its hydration, flexibility, elasticity and firmness. Approximately, at the age of 25 skin starts to lose all the mentioned characteristics because of collagen deficiency. Also, at the age of 30, sebaceous and sweat glands start to gradually disappear and the skin is drier and drier as well as flabby. Then wrinkles appear. Although collagen is still present in the body, synthesis processes, especially synthesis of soluble collagen that is responsible for the skin flexibility, are dominated by degradation processes.

Why is it possible to get rid of wrinkles thanks to the use of collagen?

To get rid of wrinkles you must provide your skin with collagen as it influences flexibility of the skin. If you use collagen twice a day, your skin may become smoother even after one month. For better effect it should be applied after a bath, on a clean and slightly wet skin. Do not overdose the cream. If collagen is spread properly, it is quickly absorbed and as soon as after 2-3 minutes it rebuilds protein structure. After a few weeks of the use of collagen you will not find the slightest trace of wrinkles.

Care is very important

A proper care for skin is the best anti-wrinkle prevention and it consists in a choice of cosmetics that are appropriate for our skin. It is very important that you use moisturizing creams and under eye creams. Do not underestimate a careful application of make-up. Only the skin that has been accurately cleansed may make use of nutrients from cosmetics for night application. When you choose a facial cream, it is worth paying attention to its content. The product that is going to make our skin more flexible should contain collagen and Q10 enzyme. In the winter it is essential to use cold weather cosmetics and in the summer you must remember about sun blocks. A beneficial influence on the skin have also products peeling off epidermis as well as different kinds of masks. A wide choice of such products may be found in pharmacies and cosmetics shops.
To keep skin in a good condition it is also advisable to visit a beautician. Besides, as our diet influences the skin, we should eat vitamins: A, B, C, E. To make sure that our skin is well-moisturized, we should drink mineral water. Protection against a harmful influence of free radicals is possible thanks to antioxidants which one may find, among others, in green tea. The process of skin ageing may also be delayed thanks to eating dried apricots that are a precious source of vitamin A and other nutrients.