Natural Collagen Formula Q5-26 have always been produced in sterile conditions – comparable to those in laboratories – by qualified chemists. Water used in the production process undergoes hyper-filtration by reverse osmosis, while the vessels and tools undergo sterilization.

Preparations are placed in glass containers with a batcher mechanism they are protected against overheating by special isolation of the package. All this is done with one aim in mind: to protect collagens spatial structure, which is a deciding factor when it comes to its effectiveness.

Absorbable gel offered by COLWAY, creates a protein net, after entering the skin which makes up a scaffolding for new collagen produced by fibroblasts. This net binds water and lipophile substances. Research on human skin tissues have confirmed an increased production of collagen by fibroblasts, epidermis thickening, increase In the amount of mucin and sluice substances in the papillary layer of skin. The ability of this product to be absorbed can shock clinics. 30 minutes after application on epidermis – collagen starts implementing itself into proper skin cells.

About 48 hours later, one can state a significant increase in the level of hydroxyproline around chondrocytes producing collagen in the bones. These are objective test results, obtained in various centers, correlating with each other. Natural Collagen has also received very positive opinions in beauty salons, hairdresser’s, biological regeneration centers, but predominantly in consumer questionnaires.



collagen beforecollagen after

Collagen is extolled in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks. It soothes stings wonderfully. It eliminates freckles, stops the growth of grey hair, regenerates hair and nails. Collagen slows down the process of sebaceous and sudoriferous glands atrophy. Every day we learn about some new implementations of the product, organ transplantology – mainly in transport and preservation.


collagen before 4 weekscollagen after 4 weeks

Our Collagen is certainly not a product for anyone looking for a quick fix. It takes time to work, and is most effective when applied regularly. But the results are amazing! Customers using Natural Collagen as recommended report the following benefits:

  • moisturisation and long-lasting, optimal hydration of the skin
  • slows down skin ageing processes
  • cellulite reduction
  • effectively prevents nail problems
  • helps prevent patchy baldness
  • it is the best balsam for after shaving and depilation
  • improvement in skin suppleness and elasticity
  • smoother skin
  • shallower wrinkles

In 2008, laboratory studies in Warsaw (Laboratory Beauty Parlour SLB ITA –TEST) were conducted with a group of women aged 39 to 60 who used Natural Collagen twice a day for four weeks, and the results were impressive.

 Measurement  Result after 4 weeks
Skin moisture content  + 23%
 Skin suppleness  + 42%
 Skin elasticity  + 11%
 Skin plasticity  + 17%
 Skin smoothness  + 19%
 Reduction in wrinkle depth  + 36%


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