I know how to successfully apply Natural Collagen to the daily work of my beauty parlour. But a year ago I had many questions, doubts and even reservations.

While observing systematically the effects of this biologically active “living” protein, I realized how exceptional the cosmetic appeared. Its effectiveness was surprising and even shocking:

  • the speed of healing scrapes, burns and scratches (even those of cat’s claws) is incredible,
  • the improvements shown in juvenile acne or acne rosacea are much faster than cosmetics used so far,
  • after applying Natural Collagen, frostbitten skin from a cryotherapy cabin stopped burning, after repeated application, within 24 hours, the condition of the skin allowed the continuation of the cryotherapy.

I will add some “collagen surprises”

  • Natural Collagen applied to rejuvenate complexion, likewise caused significant and constant regrowth of the eyebrow hair of my 72 year-old client,
  • Natural Collagen applied to rejuvenate the skin of a person with a thyroplasty scar, also made the scar elastic and smooth; the skin around the scar was less discolored and creased and the scar was less visible
  • Natural Collagen applied to a 28 year-old woman having problems with the effects of seborrhoeic skin, not only – as promised – sped up healing of her chronic herpetic eczema, but after four months of application, removed the herpetic changes. They did not return even after sunbathing in strong sun,
  • Natural Collagen used for swollen legs due to vein failure, caused complete absorption (disappearance) of the blood extravasations around the ankles.

In all described cases Natural Collagen was applied as a systematic, home based, therapy over several weeks. Permanent shallowing of wrinkles resulted from the thickening of the epidermis, normalization of the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands and increasing elasticity and permeability of blood vessels resulted from the influence of Natural Collagen on the amount and quality of the collagen produced by the fibroblasts of the person undergoing therapy.
One needs time to raise the value of the supporting structure of the skin (elasticity, resilience and density) and successfully slow down the aging processes, and this is not served by a long series of treatments.
The first problem connected with the application of Natural Collagen in the beauty parlour was the time necessary to reach the presumed effects, equal to those obtained through a several week-long therapy at home
The second problem was the optimal activity of Natural Collagen at a temperature from 410F– 780F (50C to 260C ).

After using Natural Collagen for one year only in the beauty parlour, and monitoring the effects of the home therapy I had recommended, I found a solution to the aforementioned problems:

  • the best results of therapy with Natural Collagen can be obtained through treatment carried out in the beauty parlour together with application at home,
  • it is necessary to exclude from treatment carried out in the beauty parlour, activities increasing the body temperature to the values exceeding the tolerance of Natural Collagen (a reminder that human body temperature does not prevent the application of Natural Collagen),
  • while carrying out treatment in the parlour, Natural Collagen should be applied before or after activities raising the body temperature.

Please find below a description of practical solutions illustrating the conclusions discussed.

General principles:

  • Natural Collagen cannot be used as a lubricating gel, i.e. we don’t do massages with it,
  • Natural Collagen cannot be applied as contact gel (it is not applied under an ultrasound handset),
  • Natural Collagen should be applied directly onto the skin after removing make-up, after cleaning and peeling and on skin hydrated with mineral water (do not use alcohol tonic),
  • A thin layer of Natural Collagen applied on the skin requires a minimum of 10 minutes to be absorbed. The peptides of the fish protein, remnants of the helix structures contained in the gel of transdermal properties, are then absorbed into the dermis. Further activities depend on the objective of the treatment.

These are some examples:

  • Regenerative treatment for “face-neck-cleavage” (lifting-moisturising). After collagen is absorbed we perform a massage using a properly selected cosmetic, the best is non-warming lymphatic drainage. We apply an appropriate serum-concentrate (e.g. with vitamin E) and a mask of algae or collagen sheet, i.e. phytocollagen or microcollagen. Then we proceed on as in the last phase of all parlour treatments. Applying Natural Collagen after lifting the masks used at the beginning of the treatment also brings very good effects. This usually cause increased congestion. The Natural Collagen here, plays the role of a high-protein concentrate, while at the same time it has soothing and calming effect.
  • Calming and desensitizing treatment (for allergic skin with vasomotor neurosis and telangiectasias, neurodermatitis and atopic dermatitis). In these treatments the effects are exceptional! They calm, sooth and relieve itching and burning. They also reduce sensitivity and immunization, increasing tolerance for other cosmetics, i.e. cleansing and protective cosmetics and even medicines necessary to prevent this type skin of condition from constantly deteriorating. It is necessary to take a series of 6 to 12 treatments, once or twice a week. By as soon as after the third or fourth treatments, preparations previously not well tolerated, can be introduced.
  • All-body treatment (skin preparations – the same as for face).

a) rejuvenating (after sunbathing or overuse of ultraviolet light)
b) anti-cellulite and firming while slimming, i.e. lymphatic drainage, isometric massage (not warming).
Caution: do not use any warming preparations, e.g., creams with cinnamon.

  • Treatment for striae. I advise starting these with an exfoliation of fruit acid or a dermabrasion. After Natural Collagen is absorbed, rub in the chosen cosmetic, at best a “cold” one.
  • Hand treatment – rejuvenating, depigmenting and desensitizing. Very good results can be obtained by applying Natural Collagen after paraffin – on already cooled skin of course – and rubbing in vitamin A+E at the end.
  • Natural Collagen should be used to achieve immediate effects as well, owing to its bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, styptic and soothing properties.

Natural Collagen should be applied after:

  • closing vessels,
  • cleaning complexion,
  • wax depilation (mainly small areas – face, bikini),
  • peeling with acids, herbs, after dermabrasion).

After two years of experience I think that applying Natural Collagen in a beauty parlour requires additional knowledge and observation of proven procedures, which in practice very often means changing old habits. This is decidedly worth doing due to the effects brought about by the application of Natural Collagen. The active fish protein directly minimizes the sources of skin aging. Its effects are not limited to beautifying skin: it works as a medicine influencing the structure and functioning of tissues (cosmo pharmaceutical).
Finally let me present information of fundamental significance in the treatment of acne rosacea and juvenile acne. Home therapy with Natural Collagen should be done only after previous partial curing of acne in a beauty parlour with the methods used to date. In such cases one may resign from the use of antibiotics, hormones and acid preparations which, if applied over a long time can bring about side effects.
It needs to be added that using Natural Collagen in beauty parlours was made more convenient once Natural Collagen of higher temperature resistance was launched on the market. Natural Collagen Q 5 – 26 is a preparation working optimally in temperatures up to 780F (260C) and not as previously, in 2004-2005, at temperatures up to 730 F (230C).It is for the above reasons that Natural Collagen outclasses the competition’s preparations.

Aleksandra Iżykowska
Certified Beautician