Each woman would like to enjoy having healthy, neat and shining hair. In order to have such, you need to comply with several rules. It frequently turns out that not only do you take care of your hair improperly, but also you nourish it wrongly. Numerous factors have an impact on the look of your hair and each of them may actually contribute to your hair losing its natural shine, being matt and looking unhealthy.


Hair reflects a woman’s beauty

Your dreams to have a beautiful hairstyle are not that difficult to fulfil. You may look stunning even if your hair stubbornly acts on its own. Too stiff, too thin and too much curled hair is said to cause the biggest problems. We will provide you with several pieces of advice as how to tame such hair.


Fair-haired women are known to have thin and delicate hair. Unproblematic as its care and combing may seem, they are not so easy in practice. Thin hair looks stunning right after washing and modelling, however, a hairstyle goes down fast, and becomes flat and lifeless. Sometimes, such hair turns greasy fast. What is more, even though women with thin hair have a really great number of individual hairs, this is not visible. Therefore, you should try to make it seem as if you had more hair.

How to cut such hair?
Delicate hair looks best when it is of a medium length and more or less to the half of a neck. Make sure that your hair is smooth, straight, of the same length and preferably in one colour. In this way, you will look as if you had more hair than you actually have. You may also tie it in a horse tail style or gather your hair in a neat bun. You’d better give up backcombing, otherwise, your thin hair will look artificial. You may also cut it short, however, in this case, you will need to layer your hair to allow its lifting and modelling. What is more, your hair cannot simply cling to your head because you will make it seem as if you had very few hairs.

How to take care of such hair?
Thin hair should be washed frequently as newly washed hair is more fluffy. You should definitely use strengthening shampoos for frequent washing or for increasing volume. What is more, you should also try liquid conditioners. However, you should avoid conditioners which do not require rinsing as well as 2-in-1 type shampoos. If your hair is dry, rich conditioners should be applied from the half of its length.

How to model such hair?
The easiest way to increase the volume of your hair is to dry it with your head bent down. It is also a good idea to use foam which increases the volume. In this case, you need to apply foam at the hair root because this is the place where the foam is supposed to work. After you have dried your hair, it appears to be actually lifted and it seems as if your hair was thicker. Thin hair is best modelled with a thick and round brush. You may also put your hair in rollers or curl-papers. If your ends are fluffed up, apply a disciplining cream or a special cosmetic for ends. You’d better not use a heavy gel or wax because both of them will glue your hair together and it will fast become greasy. When you are done with modelling, apply some hairspray to your hair. Do not use any strong hairspray. Instead, apply some light hairspray for thin and delicate hair.


Thick hair is straight, therefore, it is quite difficult to do a reasonable hairstyle. Even lifted with a brush, your hair goes down after a short time and your hairstyle becomes flat. There is absolutely no possibility of doing anything else with your hair than a tail, however, it does not look well because your hair is stiff and hard to model. Can you tame it in some way? Yes, you can. However, first of all, you need to soften it. After you have done your hairstyle, you need to preserve it fast. Super and mega strong cosmetics such as waxes, gels, rubbers and hairsprays were especially created for such type of hair. All of them contain
a large number of polymers which will flexibly stiffen your hair and preserve your hairstyle.

How to take care of such hair?
Thick and stiff hair may be both greasy and very dry, therefore, you should choose a shampoo by considering everything your hair needs. Moisturizing and nourishing shampoos are always beneficial to your hair, especially if you apply a rich conditioner right after them. What is more, a regular use of smoothing and disciplining masks will also soften your hair and improve its structure. You may apply these masks each time when you wash your hair.

How to model such hair?
Hair softened by washing and conditioners is said to be modelled much easier, especially if you additionally use cosmetics to level its structure. Numerous inventions which have the consistency of creams, foundations or olives may be found on the market. Those products may be easily recognized because they come with such words as “smoothing” or “disciplining” in the name. If you wish to model your unruly hair, try applying very strong foam. Spread it carefully at the whole length of your hair and model it with a brush while drying. You may also curl your ends up with an electric curler or press them with a rectifier. Use super strong cosmetics to give your hairstyle its final form.

How to cut such hair?
Thick hair may be actually of each length provided that one condition has been met. Thick hair needs to be layered very well, otherwise, it will resemble a bundle of hay. Before cutting, a hairdresser needs to get to know your hair by inspecting how much of your forehead and neck is covered with hair and whether there are any tufts. After this has been checked,
the hairdresser will be able to give your hairstyle a proper form. If you have very flat hair and nothing can change this, you may try lifting it at its root with an untypical perm, namely
the so-called permanent styling (e.g. Headlines Wella).


Red-haired persons usually have curly and unruly hair. However, this particular type of hair may sometimes be spotted by fair-haired and brown-haired people, too. Curly hair is usually thick, but matt by nature. This hair is differently built than smooth one because the structure is uneven and scales tend to pull aside, which is why your hair does not reflect the light that well. Such hair is also hard to tame because each hair protrudes in a different direction. What is more, this hair cannot be evenly cut due to its different length. Therefore, you may always notice a fluffy aureole above your curly hair. Funny as this may look, the owners of curly hair wish to have straight hair because there are numerous problems associated with having curly hair. It scrambles and curls up to such an extent that it is difficult to comb or brush it. In this way, your hair is pulled and dragged. In addition, even though it is usually quite thick, it appears to be damage-prone.

How to take care of such hair?
Curly hair is usually very dry, therefore, above all, you need to moisturize it at its whole length. You should also wash it as frequently as needed, however, choose moisturizing shampoos and conditioners or cosmetics specially intended for taking care of curly hair as such products will make your hair look springy and flexible. Do not forget to use
a conditioner which will make your curled hair look smoother. What is more, it will not scramble, thus it will be easier to comb out without being pulled or torn out. Your hair will also become smooth and shiny. Instead of being fluffed up, it will curl nice. From time to time, you should apply a nourishing mask to your curly hair.

How to model such hair?
Naturally curly hair is usually dry and resembles a bundle of hay, which is why this type of hair rarely forms into beautiful waves. But that’s what cosmetics are for! Start with moisturizing foam intended for curly hair. Apply this foam to your hair, then dry it by pressing it down with your fingers or modelling it with a brush. You may also put your hair in thick rollers or curl-papers. This seems to be a paradox only at a first glance. Rolling
the stripes of hair will arrange it and emphasise its natural locks. In order to tame your curly and dry hair, use slightly greasing and glossing products. However, choose only those which will not glue it together. Therefore, consider waxes, creams and gloss spray varnishes. A thick gel which will glue your hair together will be of no use here. What is more, use a toning and gloss varnish to preserve your hairstyle. During a day, apply a revitalising spray to improve your hairstyle and refresh your locks.

How to cut such hair?
Locks and waves are now very fashionable, therefore, you should take advantage of the natural tendency of your hair to be modelled by emphasising its curls only. Curly hair looks best when it is of a longer length provided that your hair is strong and thick. If you decide to have hair of a medium-length, curly hair will always resemble an afro style. Curly hair may be also cut short, however, you may be surprised. If your hair is cut short, it does not curl that much, hence it may suddenly turn out that you have unruly waves instead of neat locks.


How to prevent your hair from falling out excessively?

Similarly to nails, your hair is a kind of addition to your skin. Not only does hair serve as a type of decoration, but also reflects the state of your health. It frequently happens that a bad look of your hair suggests that there is something wrong with your body long before any symptoms have even developed. This results from the ability of your hair to accumulate numerous organic and non-organic substances in its structure, including those harmful to your body which influence the way your hair looks.
Such cosmetic treatments as dyeing or permanent wave may damage your hair. Even a daily care which is comprised of brushing or combing may mechanically destroy your hair as well. What is more, too frequent use of intensive treatment shampoos or conditioners may result in accumulating too many active substances in the stem of your hair. They are also referred to as the so-called deposit, and have a negative impact on the look of your hair and its properties.
All above reasons which tend to occur together or separate may result in your hair being too dry, fragile or greasy. What is more, your ends may even split or crumble. This is a cosmetic defect which may be dealt with by applying suitable products and care treatments.
However, it is the falling out of hair which may become a real issue. We do not discuss the physical falling out which may be described as losing 100 single hairs every day out of the total number of 100,000 by brown-haired persons and 150,000 by fair-haired persons. You should be rather worried if you notice that not only do you have less hair, but also you lack it in some places.


Beautiful and neat nails appear to be a feature of elegant women who care about every detail of their beauty. Unfortunately, some of you think that you only need to paint nails if you wish them to look properly. However, if you want your nails to look nice and healthy, you have to carry out many treatments. Follow the description below to learn how to take care of your nails adequately.

Nails gymnastics and treatment
Splitting, fragile and weak nails indicate that your body lacks vitamins, dietary minerals and microelements. The bad look of your nails may be caused, for instance, by long-term stress.
If you wish to make your nails look better, apply a yeast treatment. Take a glass and place a teaspoon of yeast there. Then, pour it with boiling water and drink every second day. Given that yeast contains a great number of vitamin B, your nails should definitely look better only after several days. This type of treatment should last for about three weeks and it may be repeated every three months.
You may also proceed to treat your nails by dampening them in a warm curative paraffin which may be purchased at each chemist shop. You should mix paraffin by following the instructions and dampen your hands in it for about five minutes. What is more, such baths will make your nails look wonderfully, while the skin of your hands will become delicate and silky.
Soaking your hands in warm oil for about five minutes will give similar results to those achieved with a paraffin bath. After you have wiped your hands very carefully, you should rub lemon juice into your nail plate. This treatment should be carried out every day for one week and repeated every two months. Your nails are also in need of the so-called gymnastics. You should rub your nail plate with a soft flannel of a roller shape. You need to continue rubbing until you feel that your nails are warm. Owing to this type of treatment, the circulation of blood under your nail improves, while the nail itself receives more elements which it needs to develop. As a result, your nails will be healthier and they will grow faster.


Although most of you take care of nails, you do not notice any positive outcome. This results from the fact that you take care of your nail plate and its area in an incorrect manner. First of all, throw away all metal nail files because they damage the layered structure of your nails. Those metal nail files seemingly appear to smooth the top of a nail, however, in reality, they pull it, hence bacteria have an easy access to the interior of your nails. Consequently, they become fragile and start splitting.
Paper nail files are currently in use. These are a type of an abrasive paper of a very small grain. You need to bear in mind that the filing of nails should start from the outer part of your nail and finish at its inner part. What is more, this should be always carried out in one direction, so you cannot rub your nail in one side and another.
Nail clippers for trimming cuticles are also out of date. A modern woman like you removes her cuticles in the following way. First of all, dampen your nails in warm water with soap for three or four minutes. Prise your soft cuticles with a wooden cuticle pusher and smear them with a special gel for trimming. Do not use a metal cuticle pusher! After several minutes, remove this gel and unnecessary cuticles at the same time.
After you have adequately filed the top of your nails and removed cuticles, you only need to polish your nail plate with a special nail file. There exist four polishing surfaces and you need to polish every one of them every time by starting with the thickest and finishing with the thinnest. If you carry out this treatment, your nails will look healthy and their structure will be improved at the same time.

How to paint your nails?
Only after carrying out all those treatments may you paint your nails. You should use a nail varnish of the same colour as your lipstick. However, draw attention to the shape of your hands and nails. If you have short nails and broad hands, avoid painting your nails in bright and conspicuous colours. Instead, paint your nails in light beige, pink and white colours. If you would like to make your nails seem longer, try the so-called French manicure. Paint the inner part of your nail with a white coloured pencil and place a transparent nail varnish on the top.
If you have slender hands and long nails, you should paint them in dark or bright colours as this will considerably emphasise your individuality. However, you should not try to make your nails too long. They should be up to 1 centimetre long.
Before you start painting your nails, you should remove a previous nail varnish very carefully. Use a nail varnish remover which does not contain acetone because it destroys nails. Then, smear your nail plate with a special protective and nourishing foundation which contains proteins and vitamins. After the foundation has dried, place the first layer of a nail varnish. You should always paint your nails along, not across. The first streak should be placed in the middle of your nails, approximately at one third of your nail plate in terms of its length. Paint the root of your nail, then proceed with its right part and finish with the left one. If you have short nails, do not paint them at the very edge. In this way, your nail plate will seem longer.