Collagen Body Scrub is luxury body scrub with collagen and sugar crystals immersed in the noble argan oil.  Colway scrub is composed of gifts of nature in high concentrations, repeatedly proven successful in our products. You will find many well-known, reliable components inside. After using the scrub, your skin will regain radiance, becoming sensually soft, vel­vety, smooth and delicately illuminated. Moisturised so that it will not require to apply lotion. Removal of dead epidermis and unblocking the pores vastly improves the absorption of active substances contained in cosmetic preparations while also increasing their effectiveness.


  • Deep conditioned moisturised hair with optimal elasticity and bounce.
  • Vital, lightweight hair with a healthy shine.
  • Easy to comb and manageable hair.
  • Hair resistant to environmental and chemical factors.


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