Vitamin C is the most important of the vitamins taken in our food, because of its role in the formation of bio-collagen, i.e. the protein of youth and the main component of the connective tissue. Man is one of the few mammals on the planet, whose body does not produce vitamin C in the liver. An extreme example of the consequences of its deficiency is scurvy, a disease resulting in stopping the processes of collagen genesis. We do not always have the opportunity to effectively take care of regularly providing our body with adequate doses of vitamin C. In addition, a number of adverse factors of civilization as well as stress cause the increase in the demand for this substance.

Synthesized ascorbic acid, constituting all or part of the composition of most of the products distributed worldwide as vitamin C, is poorly absorbed by the body. Taking it regularly or in high doses may cause adverse health effects. Bioorganic vitamin C, present in bioflavonoid connections created by nature, is absorbed by the body in the same way as the one obtained from food. This is because its origin is the same.

What we offer is, in the opinion of many experts, currently the best vitamin C product in Europe, enhanced with collagen of the highest anabolicity. Supplementation of highly assimilable collagen helps to maintain the normal structure and elasticity of the skin and the proper condition of the joints.


It provides the body with natural vitamin C, which:

  • Contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • Stimulates collagen genesis processes in order to ensure the proper functioning of capillaries, skin, gums and teeth as well as bones and cartilages.
  • Contributes to the maintenance of appropriate energy metabolism.
  • Helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system.
  • Helps maintain appropriate psychological functions.
  • Helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
  • Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.



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