Collagen Cosmetics, whose business activity is carried out via, is one of the services of Wellness Styl Group that belongs to WELLNESS STYLE Ltd, 49 Station Rd., Polegate/East Sussex, UK, BN26 6EN; entry in the register of business activity CNR 8386240,


  1. Collagen Cosmetics sells goods via the Internet.
  2. Orders may be placed on by the agency of shopping cart software, the form available in the CONTACT bookmark and e-mails sent to: info[at]
  3. The order processing will start:
  • In case of bank transfer – after we have received your money or confirmation of payment sent by email to:
  • If you pay by credit card – immediately after the authorization of your card or, if a confirmation of authorisation is needed – after we have got this confirmation from your bank.
  • The order processing is possible only after you have properly filled in an order form which will be automatically sent to us. In case of regular customers the address data is placed in the form automatically.
  • We reserve the right to reject questionable orders, for example those without any phone number or phone address. They are necessary for the confirmation of your order.
  • All prices are in € and include VAT valid in Poland. The price visible beside each product becomes binding at the moment of placing an order and cannot be changed, even if in the meantime it has been changed for other goods offered on our website.
  • Collagen Cosmetics reserves the right to change the prices of offered goods, introduce new products, carry out and cancel promotion campaigns or introduce any other changes. The users of Collagen Cosmetics will be informed about any changes with the use of the Newsletter sent via e-mail.
  • The costs of delivery should be added to each delivery. The cost of delivery may be reduced or omitted in case of orders worth quite a lot, more than €500. In the winter or in the summer the costs of thermal protection should be taken into account.


  1. Delivery of order takes place in a way chosen by the client and according to procedures described in the order.
  2. Order processing time is dependent on the form of dispatch and payment.
  3. The Client may choose the following forms of payment for the ordered goods:
    a) a direct bank transfer from an individual account
    b) by credit (or debit) card by the agency of international electronic system of payment Paypal
    d) COD (only orders with a place of delivery on the territory of Poland)
  4. In case of orders with delivery address outside the territory of Poland the whole amount must be paid for before they are sent.


  1. If the client has found the faults of the product after receiving it, he or she should contact the Customer Service Centre of Collagen Cosmetics using the form in CONTACt FORM or sending an e-mail on: info[at] describing in details a type of the defect. All complaints are taken into consideration maximum 14 days after we have received them. If the complaint is accepted, a broken product will be replaced or, on the Client’s request, the buyer will receive a refund that can be devoted to other available products.
  2. If the ordered goods have been damaged (mechanically, as collagen may despiralise) because of the Client’s fault, Collagen Cosmetics has the right to reject a complaint. Additionally, each Client is thoroughly informed how the products containing collagen should be used and stored thanks to the leaflets attached to each package.
  3. The cost of delivery and sending the goods back is not subject to return. In case of any accidental damage of the goods, Collagen Cosmetics will return the cost of delivery to the address given by the Client and by the way agreed online.


  1. All personal data obtained in the process of registration, finalizing the contract and sale are confidential. Under no circumstances and in no form should it be revealed to other parties according to the Directive 95/46/WE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24th October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (Official Journal L 281 from 23.11.1995, page 31, with later amends).
  2. Should you have any problems or enquiries, please contact Customer Service Centre with the chosen method from the CONTACT bookmark. More information on the subject of personal data protection may be found in PERSONAL DATA POLICY bookmark.

Collagen Cosmetics reserves the right to change the Regulations. All the changes are valid from the date of their introduction, after the changed Regulations has been published on

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