Vitamin C has gained whole loads of fans offhand. We also decided to answer to the first received questions offhand:

  • Is it true that the cosmetics contain only floral extracts and nothing more?

Let us say that “almost nothing”. Among the ingredients there is less than 3% of magnesium stearate (a natural substance) without which the creation of capsules would not be possible. The rest of the ingredients, indeed, are extracts from sprouting buckwheat and bitter orange.

  • May the cosmetic be kept outside its cardboard box?

Yes. It may. Although vitamin C is very light-sensitive, our yellow, transparent jar has a strong UV filter. That is why we use it. However, the capsules cannot be kept outside the jar.

  • How many should I take?

As recommended, of course… Could the official answer be different? Anyway, according to the most recent research human body may absorb a maximum of about 220-240 mg of ascorbic acid in a one alimentary cycle (about 4 hours). Taking more than one capsule in one go seems to be pointless, at least in case of people with a normative body weight – not more than 70 kilograms.

  • What is a note „Colway” on the capsule made with? It looks as if it has been painted with an oil paint.

We guarantee that it is not an oil paint but an organic dye whose producer confirms that it is 100 % natural.

  • Why only 200 mg?

This is one of the best results in the world with regard to the amount of natural, bioorganic vitamin C in a batch constituting less than half a gram of biomass extract. Production of bigger capsules with a greater amount of vitamin C does not seem to be a good idea. We take into consideration a possibility of “sachetting” a bigger, for example one-gram (according to the findings of Linus Pauling) amount of the same extract together with Fagopyrum esculentum and Citrus aurantium L. If the product is launched on the market, due to obvious reasons it will be offered only for “clients in the know”.

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